Looking to freshen up your outdated home? USA Builders wants to improve your home both internally, and externally, with high-quality paint, and workmanship. A new coat of both interior and exterior paint can completely transform the look, feel, and overall appeal of your home. Unfortunately, we cannot beat aging, and time will wear out the exterior of your home.

Add A Splash of Color

Stucco is one of the most commonly used paints of choice due to its fast absorbing time, and how weather resistant it is. Give your home a simple upgrade that boasts numerous benefits. A new coat of stucco paint will give your home the overdue makeover that will instantly increase the aesthetics of your home, allowing your lush outdoor landscaping to thrive.

    • Keeps moisture away: Stucco paint allows your home to remain the same color, even during rain.
    • Camouflages stains: When properly painted, stucco covers all old, and new stains.
    • Fills in cracks: The porous stucco characteristics allows the paint to blend in the cracks.
    • UV Resistant: Stucco keeps the surface properly insulated while protecting your paint from damaging and harmful UV rays.
    • Flexible color options: Elastomeric coatings allow for a smooth and flexible finish.