A number of USA Builders projects are accomplished on a negotiated contract, fast-track, Design/Build, construction management basis. Design/Build is a method for construction that creates a shared vision between USA Builders and our clients, and consistently delivers superior results.

Everyone on the team, architects, designers, engineers, and construction managers is held accountable to the project outcome. This shared responsibility means team members work together more cohesively through the design and construction process.

Estimates that are developed in the design phase identify materials and methods that result in cost savings without compromising quality.

The early involvement of cost estimating eliminates the downtime associated with bidding and redesign and provides more accurate construction costs sooner.


  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Value Engineering
  • Time Savings
  • Quality without Compromise


  • Pre-construction services
  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Management

Minimal Risk, Maximum Efficiency

As a Design-Build construction company, USA Builders process uses the strengths of single-source planning, design and construction expertise to bring more accountability, control and value to your project. It’s about working together for a common goal and building with a purpose from day one – with the best team members for your project.

How Design-Build Works

Design-Build has become a preferred alternative to the traditional design-bid-build process. It keeps surprises out of your projects and ensures minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

  • Single-source responsibility. As your single-source design-builder, USA Builders is the only point of contact for the design and construction of your project.
  • A team of experts. We’ll bring experts together in all the disciplines needed – engineers, architects and subcontractors – to make your project a success.
  • One contract. All project services – from initial concept to completion – are delivered to the owner under a single contract.

Big Benefits

Working with a single-source design-build construction company like USA Builders is a great way to ensure that your project not only gets done, but also gets done right.

Guaranteed Maximum Price    Open Book Policy    Greater Time Efficiencies    Shared Cost Savings    Faster Delivery    Better Quality    Decreased Administrative Burden    Reduced Risk  More Creative Solutions

We offer engineering, architectural, soil report, survey report, interior design , landscaping and hardscaping design, 3D design  and much more!