Kitchens have changed since 1950.

No longer does apron-clad Mom cook alone as the family waits in another room. Today, you’re just as likely to see a couple cooking together, or the whole family pitching in on Thanksgiving dinner, or friends gathered around sipping wine as you finish making tapas.

However, many California homeowners make do in cramped kitchens designed decades ago.

Today’s kitchens have an open, airy layout with ample storage. Our unique USA Builders remodels aren’t driven by fads, though. We use the latest advances to create a kitchen that suits your needs, rather than blindly following trends. We want you to love being in your kitchen. It should lift your spirit.

Above all, we believe in comfort, beauty, and functionality. Our work reflects these values.


USA Builders knows how crucial your kitchen is to your regular family routine and social engagement. When in the kitchen, the priority is to create incredible dishes and enjoy yourself while entertaining guests. We mirror the effort put into being the perfect host, with the effort we put into creating the perfect kitchen for California and surrounding area homeowners.

A gourmet dish requires the best ingredients; the same goes for a kitchen design, remodel and renovation project. Kitchen countertops, flooring, cabinets, appliances, plumbing and the overall design are all crucial parts that blend to create your finished project. From small kitchen remodels to complete custom kitchens, USA Builders commits to using the highest quality materials within your budget to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Our Kitchen Remodel Process:

  • Free In-Home Consultation – Every project includes a free in-home consultation with an expert kitchen designer. We discuss your vision and evaluate the current layout to determine how to maximize space for your home and needs.
  • Initial Design – After seeing the space and understanding your vision, we create the kitchen design and layout.
  • Material Selection – The design is just the start. Now it’s the fun part – choosing the materials. We will help you choose from a large selection of materials available for kitchen cabinets, countertops, fixtures, lighting, tiling, and more. Whether you want granite countertops or quartz or a modern concrete design, we’ll help you find the right materials for your style and budget.
  • Permits & Logistics – As a design-build remodeling company, we take care of every step, including securing permits and submitting all building plans as necessary.
  • Project Timeline & Schedule – Once the designs are finalized and the materials ordered, we create a full detailed project timeline and schedule so you know what to expect and when.
  • We Get to Work – During every step from demolition to construction to installation, our California based kitchen remodeling team cleans up every day, so your home is still a place you can enjoy, even during construction. Your Project Manager will provide regular updates to keep you informed.
  • Unveiling – You’ve waited patiently, maybe snuck a few peaks, but it’s time to enjoy your new dream kitchen!

Every California and surrounding area kitchen design build and remodel project is built to last. We make sure that the plans are checked and rechecked before we make the first cuts, or open the first can of paint. We know what to expect with every renovation project, and our experience helps us adapt to any curveballs that a project might throw at us.